The CEO's Corner

A classic story of determination, perseverance, vision, and ingenuity. Like the biblical story of the mustard seed, from humble beginnings in her kitchen, Mrs. Joan Mimi Idaewor transformed her passion for cakes and events decoration into a topnotch business, a big enterprise and a force to reckon with in the industry. Over the years, Mrs. Idaewor has trained herself by continuously taking courses with meticulous practice so as to keep in touch with the best knowledge and latest trends in the cake design and events decorations industry. She is a major player in the industry now, with an impressive track record that includes designing cakes and decorating/planning events for weddings and corporate events. Always striving to be a step ahead and a pacesetter, she has read many relevant books and attended several workshops/ seminars to further acquire key skills and knowledge in the industry. Mrs. Idaewor is now a major player, a colossus, a pacesetter and captain in the cake design and events decorations/planning industry. She is a member of the International Cake Exploration Societe (ICES).
Since 2010, driven by our determination to excellence, top quality and creativity, we use only the finest ingredients available in designing our cakes. For that reason, our cakes are always of the highest grade and quality and simply irresistible. It's our utmost belief that your cake should stand out, it should tell a story of ingenuity, quality, creativity and what you are celebrating. Your cake should not just be a visual and creative masterpiece but should also be a delightful sensation to the taste buds.<br /> We add a touch of creativity, ingenuity, and glamour to your weddings, housewarming and corporate events. Whatever the event, whatever your budget, whatever the terrain or circumstances, we got you covered. We know how to make your event memorable and to make your celebration all smiles. Our wide range of rental items cover all necessities concerning cake design and wedding and event decorations/ planning. By design, event decorations are focused on providing full-service event planning and decorations ranging from simple and modest to elegant and to bold and beautiful......the varieties and possibilities are endless. With the highest level of customer -we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a wide range of products and services to choose from. Event planning and decorations are our passion. With every design, we convey your story and your emotions; we are definitely sure you will be happy working with us. We guarantee you a pleasant and memorable experience with us.<br /> With the utmost attention to customer satisfaction and qualitative service, we customize our packages to fill your needs; whether it is wedding planning consultation or wedding planning services only, we ensure that we cover all the bases and necessities. We specialize in free, easy to find tips for planning the perfect wedding and corporate event. And because we are aware of the fact that wedding and corporate events budgets and expectations vary from one individual or organization to another, we offer a variety of tips and advice that appeal to a wide range of people and organizations and can be achieved on anything from a modest budget to a generous one.
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